What Is Hallux Valgus?

Hallux Valgus

Bunions are a very common foot deformity, but it has been seen that people ignore it till the time it takes the shape of a potential hazard for the feet. Bunions are the bumps that occur on the big toe or on its sides. The bump is nothing but it shows the changes that is taking place in the structure of bones of the frontal feet. A person who suffers from a bunion has the big toe pointing towards the second toe instead of its natural straight alignment. Hence, we get to see the bumps in the form of bumps that have fallen out of alignment. read more

Over time, the pressure of footwear causes inflammation of the fluid-filled pad (the bursa) which acts to reduce friction over the inner aspect of the joint, and the whole joint swells painfully. In addition the metatarsal bone grows a protrusion (an exostosis), and the tendons in the toe slip from the top and the bottom around to the inside of the metatarsal bone. These new techniques allow very accurate correction with less pain and a faster rehabilitation. Such surgery can be undertaken as a day case, patients then spend 10-14 days in splints and then four weeks in trainers. After this, patients can move into any appropriate footwear they desire.hallux valgus angle

Womens wide shoes all people want to choose,so many people like and think how to select wide size and appearance womens sneakers. But how to choose and wear wide footwears for women. read more Bunions can cause the foot to appear deformed, with smaller toes crowded together and possibly bending at the joints-a claw-like appearance known as hammertoe, according to MayoClinic.com. Shoes that accommodate a bunion may be hard to find and may rub against the side of the bunion, worsening symptoms. The protruding side of the toe becomes red and often hard and calloused from pressure from shoes. Movement Restriction

If you are wondering whether bunion surgery is right for you, ask yourself the following questions. Do your bunions cause you foot pain on a regular basis? Do they make it difficult for you to engage in normal physical activity? Do you experience foot pain even when performing a task as simple as going to the grocery store or walking around the block? This pain should occur even when you are wearing athletic or orthopedic shoes. Foot pain that’s caused by stuffing your feet into pointy-toed high heels may not be a sign that you need bunion surgery, just a sign that you should throw out your ill-fitting high heels!hallux valgus radiology

Of the 26 bones in the foot, 15 are in the toes. A broken toe should be evaluated by a physician to determine whether any of the long bones, called metatarsals, are involved. Any of the bones in the toe, no matter how tiny, can suffer a fracture, typically when they are stubbed or when something heavy is dropped on them. Bunions are readily apparent – the prominence is visible at the base of the big toe or side of the foot. However, to fully evaluate the condition, the foot and ankle surgeon may take x-rays to determine the degree of the deformity and assess the changes that have occurred.